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    2021.12.06 The Originality

    The Originality | Project Manager, NC Vietnam Visual Studio, Jem (Vũ Hà Thanh Hương)

    There is a new world in games. We experience new things there and are deeply touched by the growth that we could never experience in reality.

    A new joy can never be created on its own; it is created through combination of different experiences and passion of different people, which is channeled into new possibilities. People are gathered to create one game, and their different capabilities and passion for quality create a new game.

    We create another world, collecting pieces of different experiences.

    Diverse superiorities < The Originality >

    A team is stronger than an individual alone. Coming together as a team, we make up for our weaknesses while different strengths are highlighted. It is such a delightful experience to work together to achieve goals that we could never achieve on our own.

    Project Manager, Jem (Vũ Hà Thanh Hương)
    Project Manager

    I work as a Project Manager at NC Vietnam Visual Studio (NCVVS). NCVVS is the graphic development studio in Vietnam established by NC in 2020. NCVVS participates in the development of various NC games that are being serviced as well as new projects, carrying out the production and technological sophistication of 3D art resources in games.

    In this process, Project Managers (PM) work as a bridge between related teams in NCVVS and the R&D Center in Korea. When a new project starts, I determine direction of the project through communication between Art and PM Team and assign human resources to the project. After then, I manage the overall schedule of the project and its execution. I resolve the issues that occur in art quality or production through discussion with VVS Art Team and the R&D Center. In addition, I translate the materials required for production and propose ideas for project process improvement.

    ‘Implementation’ is the key

    During most of my time at work, I address new issues that occur every day and make decisions. Unexpected accidents continued to occur during game development processes, and it is solely the PM’s role to coordinate them. Games would not be created on their own even if we have a good plan. In short, it is the PM’s role to well ‘implement’ the plan.

    Considering obligations of PMs, PMs are required to have three major capabilities: communication, organization, and problem-solving ability. Games are created through teamwork, and therefore, communication would naturally be important. Also, they should have the ability to organize based on which they would adequately allocate and systematically assign the human and physical resources required for project execution. Also, the ability to resolve new issues is something that should be continuously strengthened by PMs

    Communication is the beginning and the end of everything

    Starting a career serving both my aptitude and studies

    I studied Korean studies in Ho Chi Minh National University. I also studied one year in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies as an exchange student. When I was a senior in high school, I became first interested in Korean culture after watching a Korean drama, . I studied Korean studies and the language and became fascinated by the country and the language, and now it has become my work and life.

    While preparing for my graduation, I worked as an intern and a temporary worker in a Korean company producing films for special effects and a variety show producer. After working there, I became interested in creative work, such as content production.

    I also wanted to have a career using my ability to be able to communicate in Korea. Since I am an extrovert and like to get along with people, I considered working in an environment requiring communicating and collaborating with many people. Meanwhile, I came to know that NC Vietnam Visual Studio was to be established. I chose a position as a Korean-speaking PM, which would help me utilize my university degree in Korean studies and would require both creativity and communication, and such a decision served both my aptitude and what I studied back in college.

    Guiding everyone towards the same destination

    Since there were many things involving communication with the R&D Center in Korea, I believed that my Korean proficiency would matter the most. However, I came to understand while serving in this company that everything would create a virtuous cycle based on my ability for communication.

    Therefore, first, I share the information that I have with all of the relevant stakeholders and collect and coordinate their opinions. If each department has a different perspective on what is important, it is impossible to run a project in a smooth manner. PMs would guide everyone towards a single direction, while leading the effective communication between departments responsible for different duties. I am reminded of the importance of communication, watching project schedules being affected by each sentence or word that is used and sometimes, projects losing their track.

    As much as the culture of Korea and Vietnam is different, the way that the artists of the two countries think and communicate are different. In this case, it is important to read the context in the situation. It is more so in case there is disagreement and a need for coordination. It is important to accurately deliver the intent of each side based on proper understanding, it is also necessary to deliver the message based on the expression, tone, and manner that are adequate for cultural environment and situation of each country. That is the way for us to maintain a good relationship, while generating results that could satisfy everyone.

    Reading the hidden value

    These days, I think a lot about ‘insight’, which is to understand the nature of things and phenomena that are not visible on the outside. Also, I am trying to give attention to the hidden sides so that I could understand changes in trend and predict risk factors in advance.

    This is not a grandiose idea. Sometimes, I have an artist colleague that tend not to talk much and to express his or her thoughts. In this case, it is important to understand the ‘insight’ that each one of our artists tries to express to make the organization even stronger.

    Playing a tug of war with the team

    Looking towards the same direction

    Unlike artists or developers, PMs do not directly create games. However, ‘creativity’ would matter even for me. For me, creativity means to improve efficiency of processes and to propose ideas to help guide the organization to a better direction.

    I propose ideas to utilize various software to help efficient sharing of ideas between relevant departments. For instance, we develop a mood board to share the ideas and concepts of the production team and to track the schedule based on a roadmap. Instead of sticking to the traditional way of business, I constantly think about new processes and ways for communication that would help me lead projects in a more efficient manner.

    Changes start from the small things in our daily lives

    Change is something natural and unavoidable. We are living in a world that is way more advanced compared to the past. As we say, ‘today’s efforts will shape the result of tomorrow”, nothing will come of nothing, because the big and small choices that we make today will change what will happen tomorrow. Therefore, we must enable a future that is better than the past.

    Adding new things to my life and getting back into a hobby once again are all part of change. Even if you are faced with various changes, you may accept them in a positive manner if you are ready. It is to make meaningful changes while cherishing every moment in your daily life, and you do not have to do something great.

    It is the team’s capability that matters, rather than mine

    After joining NCVVS, I have deepened my understanding and knowledge about the game industry, and especially, I am learning about the importance of managers. You may go faster and farther if you are with others, instead of being on your own. Team work matters because it improves work efficiency and is not for other honorable purposes. I have learned a lot and also the meaning of progressing together as a team through working with the colleagues having diverse experiences in one team.

    Normally, one PM would cover three to five projects at the same time. In case one needs to focus on a certain project, others will jump in to minimize the vacancy. Through teamwork, we address urgent situations and encourage each other to strive to achieve a better result. In the end, it is the team’s capability that matters, rather than mine.

    We may become stronger only if we collaborate

    Thanks to the team members and seniors that never spare any advice for me, I could grow fast within a short period of time. That is why NCVVS emphasizes the importance of collective growth based on cooperation.

    A team is stronger than an individual alone, and the same logic would apply to the plans developed by many people. Through experiencing many disagreements, we could develop an even strong solution to figure out why we have to pursue a certain direction, how we are going to solve the problem, and to understand the cause and effect. Only if we can become a team and work together, we may complement each other’s weaknesses and make each other’s strengths even stronger. There will be less burden in addressing issues. More than anything, it is such a delightful experience to work together to achieve goals that we could never achieve on our own.

    * The above presents the personal opinions of the interviewee and not the official opinions of NCSOFT.