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    2021.03.25 The Originality

    The Originality | Concept Artist, Yunbin Sunwoo

    Creating a game is to create a world that does not exist. It is the hard work of many people that becomes the building blocks for the wonderful world that we view on the screen. 

    It is not an easy work; however, NC firmly believes in the value of ‘fun’. Professionals from various fields are gathered in NC, making serious efforts to think and imagine new fun. This persistent efforts to create fun determines the quality of the output.

    NC never makes a compromise on quality. The foundation of NC’s quality lies in its ‘originality.'

    Pictures reflect the value of their painter. We should consider not only artistic values, but also ethical ones. The values reflected on the pictures move the hearts of their viewers.

    Concept Art Yunbin Sunwoo
    Character Concept Artist

    I imagine all the characters and environments that our users experience in the game and produce visualized output based on the concepts expressed in the form of words, both spoken and written. I suggest the output to the game developers.

    I imagine how the characters would be given life in the new world that we have not yet experienced. My role is to express the imagination through charming visual images.

    I work on concept images before 3D artists. They are almost like drawings in construction. Also, it is my role to produce illustrations and to communicate with the colleagues in different parts.

    An Artist and A Game Developer

    It is important for a game concept artist to produce attractive images. In addition to that, the role requires a capability to think about efficient production and reasonable collaboration methodologies and to consider artistic and ethical values.

    Most people that dream about becoming a concept artist would want to ‘draw pictures’ and not ‘to develop games’. However, the output may be produced only if we can understand the direction and intention of the project and how games are played. Games are created based on organic combination of planning, art, and programming.

    Producing Persuasive Designs

    In order for my work to be persuasive enough, I must properly collect the “materials (knowledge)”.

    In many cases, game characters have plots, and their formats are pre-determined. In this case, the role of a concept artist would be to understand the intention of producers in an accurate manner to suggest artistic directions. A concept artist should be able to create diverse visual elements based on the environment in which the character lives and the stories included in such environment.

    To this end, concept artists would have no other option but to be always prepared. We should make multiple sketches and keep collecting materials. That is what I do every day. Sorting out the materials is one of the things that I do every day.

    Capability to Even Consider Ethical Values

    Pictures reflect the value of their painter. The values reflected on the pictures move the hearts of their viewers and game players. We should consider not only artistic values, but also ethical ones.

    Adding the Number of Good Habits One By One

    The more I work, the more I think about the importance of one’s basic skills. Improving my basic painting skills through making sketches every day and practicing basic communication skills through greeting people do not require much time, but they require intentional efforts. I would like to develop good habits and to be good at basic things without having to make any intentional efforts.

    The Value To ‘Create’ Fun

    Creating Ten Games

    When I entered the game industry, I wanted to ‘create ten games’. I am currently working on the 7th project. The moment that I feel most rewarded at work is when I see the characters that I designed running around in games. It also feels rewarding when users play games and talk highly of the characters in the games.

    I think I will be happy to create the 11th game that gives joyful experience to users.

    Creation Of Fun Would Not Necessarily Be Fun

    You may believe that working at NC would feel new and fun every day, as it is a group of people creating games. Obviously, NC is a company, too. You need to review approval documents, and there are disagreements between various people. Some works require creativity, while others are quite mundane and routine. In the case of large-sized projects, their development period is quite lengthy, and you may get tired in the middle of the projects. However, I would like to suggest working together to the people that would share the value to create fun.

    The Things That Make Me Happy

    Street Culture

    Street cultures never stay in the same format; they constantly change themselves based on influence from people. Watching people enjoy street culture like skateboarding, graffiti, and music, stimulates the senses that are normally left unused.

    I believe that it is wonderful to sit on your skateboard and drinking beers after you fall from it and to get on it again and to enjoy the process to turn what you like into a success.


    When I was little, I liked playing console games like Jamix, Mega Drive, and Saturn and arcade games. I still think about that I used to play with my friends after school. Maybe it is because I started playing the game when it was a table-talk role-playing game, and I still have much affection towards it.


    Since I was little, I have liked both drawing and reading comic books. I have started collecting comic books since I was little, and now I have more than one to two thousand books. My favorite is . I am reading once again. It still feels great to read , and I like reading , because it gives me different feelings compared to the time when I first read it when I was little.

    Immersion in Something to The Extent Where You Forget About Yourself

    Being immersed in a story to resonate with it and to be moved by it; concentrating on something to the extent I would forget about the passage of time. This is the state of mind I like. Hobbies and works make me forget about me. Drawing pictures, watching movies, and playing games like < , I concentrate on them and get immersed in them until the sun rises. The greatest joy of all is to indulge myself in something.