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    2021.09.27 Blade & Soul

    Blade & Soul | Color of the Sky

    There is something you must not miss when playing Blade & Soul. It is the beautiful background in the game. The scenery that you get to look down on while wind walking and the sky are breathtaking.

    The various places in Blade & Soul have their unique charm and catch the eyes and minds of its players. Even the small elements like the buildings, objects, and surrounding nature have their own atmosphere.

    Among them, the sky determines the overall atmosphere of the background through its overwhelming scale. To create the sky based on the concept of the place, various elements and effects, including shades, the amount and shape of clouds, and luminous intensity, have to be edited. In Blade & Soul, no single sky looks the same in different places, and it is what makes the background graphic of the game so different and authentic.

    In this exhibition, the skies of various places where our players get to travel and the original background images are displayed. Please enjoy the various backgrounds and places with different charms and the skies in particular.

    Altar of Divine Will

    The Altar is located in the Emissary's Quarter inside Zaiwei and is established by Jinsoyun to conduct the Divine Mandate Ritual for coronation. The original concept image was developed to create the image of coexistence of day and night. The clouds of multiple layers and the majestic sky contribute to the overwhelming feeling created by the Altar of Divine Will.

    The sky art of the Altar of Divine Will

    The panoramic view of the Altar of Divine Will

    The solar eclipse of the Altar of Divine Will

    The boss fight on the Altar of Divine Will

    Khanda Vihar

    This used to be a peaceful land protected by the holy spirit but is now changed after being contaminated by corruption. The sky is mainly of dark and red color, which contributes to the ominous feeling of the place.

    The Sky Art of Khanda Vihar

    The castle of Khanda Vihar 1

    The castle of Khanda Vihar 2

    Lycandi Foothills

    Lycandi Foothills are located in the middle of Moonwater Plains, and users may feel a peaceful atmosphere from its beautiful sunset and bluish background. There is a path leading to Silverfrost Mountains.

    The Sky Art of Lycandi Foothills

    Lycandi Foothills 1

    Lycandi Foothills 2

    Lycandi Foothills 3

    Midnight Skeptical Plains

    The dungeon is located in Zaiwei, Sliverfrost Mountains by the Cardinal Gates. The night sky looks beautiful with the scattered stars. However, the monsters that wish to get the Spirit of Moonlight cause troubles every night.

    The Sky Art of Midnight Skeptical Plans

    Midnight Skeptical Plans 1

    Midnight Skeptical Plans 2

    The Shattered Masts

    This is a heroic dungeon, located in the north of Jadestone Village of Virodian Coast. The place used to be the stronghold of Blackram Marauders but has turned into the place full of Ebondrake Cultists and Demons after the Black Pillar came down from the sky.

    The Sky of Shattered Masts

    Shattered Masts - A vortex

    Mushin's Tower

    This place is known as the one where Mushin had honed his skills. Countless warriors still visit the tower to make challenges.

    The Sky Art of Mushin's Tower

    Mushin's Tower 1

    Mushin's Tower 2

    Pondskip Vale

    The valley is located in the north of Viridian Coast and attracts many warriors. A cave is located in the inside of the valley.

    The Sky Art of Pondskip Vale

    Pondskip Vale

    Sapphire Basin

    The blue and clear sky of Sapphire Basin feels cool and refreshing. The place is located in the southwest of Moonwater plains. Fishbelly Pub where users try fishing for the first time is located in the center.

    The Sky Art of Sapphire Basin